About Us

Technologies We Support:

“If you can’t explain physics to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

We offer business management solutions with the motto “simplifying complexity.”

We are a young company set up in 2019 with head Quarters in California.

Our highly experienced consultants will create a simple-to-use, easy-to-maintain solution for your complex business needs. We will explain to you in easy terms every single step of the implementation plan.

Owned and operated by its founders, Sohrab and Svitlana, Create IT Together has the advantage of a talented and seasoned management team with the requisite experience and extraordinary background of success in running a software consultancy company in Zurich Switzerland.

Sohrab has a broad experience in Oracle applications ranging from Database management (DBA) to Analysis and development. He lead a large team of highly skilled IT professional both in-house and off shore to successfully develop and implement the financial accounting system for a major Swiss bank (United Bank of Switzerland).

Working closely with its clients, the team at Create IT Together produce a clear plan to help clients define/build solutions and develop roadmaps that enable them to rapidly solve their business problems and accelerate business value.

Our Mission

“To serve our clients as a trusted advisor and technology partner by providing the most cutting edge technology solutions and services that bring a positive and sustainable impact to their business”

The business is an IT consultancy with our consultants working for a Chicago based Software house. Although our main focus will be to provide IT consultants we would like to develop the company in the direction of in-house development or depending on the size of the project to outsource the project offshore. Services we provide will include project management and software development utilizing all range of Oracle products.

We will focus on Cloud software which has proven itself as the answer to mobility, agility, budgeting and scalability needs. Our Consultants help businesses to circumvent the huge choice of cloud vendors to find the products and plans best suited for them. They will then ensure that those solutions are properly implemented and managed.

With a wealth of experience in IT consultancy in Switzerland for one of the largest financial institutes in the world (UBS), we are well positioned to find and work with the right IT specialist to provide the best solution for the client.


Our Team

Sohrab Khalili

Sohrab is c-founder of the newly formed Create IT Together, LLC, and will serve as the Company’s co-CEO. In this role he will have ultimate responsibility for managing the affairs of the Company and for all day to day operational decisions. His primary focus is to ensure that the Company is running efficiently while maintaining high productivity, quality, and client-service standards.

Sohrab is an executive-level professional with a wealth of experience in IT consultancy and business. From 2008 – 2012 he served as CEO for ITC Synergy GMbH in Zurich Switzerland, a software consultancy company he owned and operated, showing his tremendous value with the high-level contributions he made as onsite for UBS (Switzerland), one of the largest financial institutes in the world.

A gifted communicator with excellent analytical, problem solving and debugging skills, Sohrab is a proven 30-year technology veteran. His expertise includes Data Warehousing, SDLC Methodologies, SQL / PLSQL Programming and Tuning, and broad-based knowledge in Oracle applications ranging from Database Management (DBA) to Analysis and Development.

Previously, Sohrab held senior positions with United Bank of Switzerland, Robert Flemings Copthall, London, and K & P Gmbh Munich, Germany, and has developed a skill at cultivating and strengthening relationships across all levels and is recognized for his accomplishments, technical proficiencies, and visionary leadership.

Sohrab earned a Master of Science, Information Systems Engineering from South Bank University, U.K., and a Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering from University of Sussex, U.K.

Svitlana Verstyuk

Svitlana, Co-founder of Create IT Together, LLC and will serve in the roll of co-CEO. Her work has taken her across the globe from Switzerland to California, during which time she amassed a significant amount of knowledge in the technology sector and developed into a highly versatile business professional.

Currently, Svitlana is the owner and operator of Pane Synergy, LLC, where she is responsible for managing all aspects of the business, including strategic direction, financial oversight, customer service, sales & marketing, and sourcing.

Previously, at ITC Synergy GMbH in Zurich Switzerland, Svitlana served as co-CEO and through her guidance helped transform the company into a successful enterprise. Her exposure to a wide variety of technology issues helped to hone her skills, and now the depth and breadth of her background and experience means that at her core, she is a true business expert.

Svitlana has an insatiable appetite for learning and self-growth, which is evident by the fact she is fluent in four languages. As a result, she has developed into an effective international communicator with the linguistic skills to apply in a multitude of business settings.

Svitlana is a graduate of KV Zürich Business School where she earned a diploma from School of Business and Commerce.